As Law professionals , our main objective is being live up to the expectations of our customers and keep their trust.

In order to achieve this objective, in LEYSTERS ABOGADOS, our values inspire us day to day:

Honesty and transparency: only these premises let us provide our customers with excellent services, keeping their confidence.

Customer satisfaction: to achieve our objectives we offer our best capacities, skills and knowledge to our customers.

Expertise and know-how: our professionals advise our customers from their knowledge about the Law and about the economic sectors where our customers develop their activities

Clarity in the message: we avoid using technical words and complex explanations when we speak with our customers. We evaluate all the possible risks and potential issues, in order to provide our customers with the most complete information to evaluate his situation and the possible consequences that could produce taking the best profitable decision about his business.

Continuous training: we are focused in improving our knowledge about all the relevant changes that could affect our customers’ business. Attending to different training courses we try to incorporate this objective to our professionals from the first day.

Proximity, excellence, agility and efficiency: our flexibility let us being a legal boutique which can be adapted to our customer’s needs in the most faster and efficient way.

Easy contact: we are not an on-line firm or a call center.

You will find us in our offices based in Barcelona, Avenida Diagonal 403 or by phone contacting directly to the telephone switchboard which is available from 9:00h to 19:30h (Friday from 9:00h to 15:00h). Furthermore, we are permanent available by e-mail.